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We are the only club in the Czech Republic, where are the association owners and lovers of the Eurasian, these beautiful, dear and not conflict dogs, best suited for beginners breeding dogs and listen to children who are not to dominate
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11. 8. 2022 :: Warning ::

The club would like to inform all the potential takers who would want to buy the dog abroad to check the genealogical tree of the dog and to ensure that it is reared and registered under the heading of FCI. Unfortunately, in countries like Germany, Austria and others there are organisations that breed differently such organisation is, for instance, UCI. We recommend checking under which organisation the dog breeder breeds the dogs.

11. 8. 2022 :: Special Show Of Eurasier ::

We would like to invite you to Special show of Eurasier which takes place in Pesopark Praha-Uhříněves on 17th September 2022.
You can enter via dogoffice.cz or e-mail: vystavy.eurasier@gmail.com. Program:
8:30 - 10:00 - Reception of dogs
10:15 - 13:00 - Exhibiton
13:15 - Final competitions
Part of the exhibiton is special competitions: Child and dog and Best couple.

4.4.2022 :: Breeding process ::

It has happened repeatedly that owners of Eurasiers who have undergone mandatory breeding tests have submitted reports from veterinary specialists other than those approved by the Veterinary Specialist. Please note again that you must select the appropriate veterinarians in your area from the list of specialists on the website of the Veterinary Chamber.


1) evaluation of hip imaging (hip dysplasia)

2) knee examination (patellar luxation)

and 3) examination for hereditary eye diseases (DOV), primarily distichiasis, entropion and ectropion in eurasiers.

Any veterinarian can take blood for the other two tests. Unless the protocol for points 1) - 3) is confirmed by an approved specialist, the club cannot accept it for breeding purposes and the Studbook cannot enter the result of the examination in the database card of the breeding animal. The breeding would therefore not be valid.

12.1.2022 :: Kennel Aldaro Moravia has litter B ::

Kennel Aldaro Moravia has litter B from combination of Ajax Sakso Bohemia and Elegance Spindinčios Akys.

More information in section Puppies.

12.1.2022 :: Club dog show 2022 of Eurasier club CZ with CAC ::

We invite you to Club dog show which takes place related to Regional dog show Florinka Olomouc 2022. Application will be possible via Dogoffice.

More information in section Shows.The main sponsor of this dog show is e-shop Akinu.

5.12.2021 :: Eurasier club will have a big calendar 2022 ::

Eurasier club will publish a big calendar full of pictures for year 2022. The picture is an introductory photo. Price 350 CZK or 15 Eur + postage according to the tariff. You can order now at mail ruzenka.ltm@seznam.cz. Enter your first name, surname, address and number of pieces.

Of the total price for the sale of calendars, the club donates 10 % to the selected shelter.

16.7.2021 :: Special Dog Show 2019 of Eurasier Club with Winner of Special Show and CAC ::

We cordially invite you to a special dog show of the Eurasier club, which takes place related to WDS 2021 (World Dog Show Brno), for Czech exhibitors is registration through Dogoffice, for foreign, sending applications by e-mail to the email specified in the propositions.

More information in section Shows.

29.4.2020 :: Kennel Lindeon will have the litter A and kennel Voiver Žítková the litter B ::

Two kennels from the Czech Republic will have a puppies. Kennel Lindeon will have the litter A in mid-May. The parents are Altin Homer de Eurasipomer and D-Cory. Kennel Voiver Žítková will have the litter B at the beginning of May. The parents are Albionspitz Talespin and Carmen Hajifa.

22.12.2019 :: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 ::
9.11.2019 :: Still free puppies in kennel Amor de Moravia ::

On 28th October the puppies were born in kennel Amor de Moravia. There are still free puppies.

More information in section puppies.

7.10.2019 :: Kennel Amor de Moravia will have puppies ::

Kennel Amor de Moravia from the Czech Republic will have puppies. The parents are Dolly von Oberpfälzer Wald and Adis Don Jamas.

7.10.2019 :: Special Dog Show of Eurasier Club CZ ::

On Saturday September 28, 2019 was the Special Dog Show of Eurasier Club CZ in the areal Olšovec Jedovnice. Total there were registered 14 of eurasiers, the judge was Mrs. Lenka Frnčová. You could see a lot of dogs from minor puppy to veterans. Congratulations to all. We would like to thank to our sponsor Království krmiv for beautiful gifts for our dogs.

Results you can find in section activities.

7.10.2019 :: WARNING ::

WARNING: Lately are around Brno offered via bazos and similar advertising eurasier puppies without pedigree, eurasier club warns against these "breeders" listed puppies are hybrids, so who bought such a puppy for X thousand, has a nice mutt at home.

27.7.2019 :: Special Dog Show 2019 of Eurasier Club with Winner of Special Show and CAC ::

In the end of the September will be the Speacial Dog Show of Eurasier Club CZ with Winner of Special Show and CAC in the area of ATC Olšovec in Jedovnice near Blansko. The main sponsor of Special Dog Show is eshop Království krmiv with dog food Larra nature.

More information in section Shows.

16.6.2019 :: Establishment of a single register of voluntary dog blood donors Red Paw (Červená tlapka) ::

Like humans, dogs sometimes need a blood transfusion. However, in the Czech Republic it is very difficult to get it. That's what Red Paw is trying to change. People who are interested in helping and who own a dog that meets the criteria for blood donation can now register on the platform www.cervenatlapka.cz. Transfers can then use a filter and interactive map to find a suitable donor in their area and contact them using the form. Of course, the service is completely free (you can learn more by in the attached press release or directly on the organization's website).

5.6.2019 :: Club show of Eurasier Club CZ ::

Eurasier Club Show CZ was held at Regional Dog Show in Horní Počernice on Sunday May 26, 2019. A total of 11 dogs were registered, of which 10 were showed. The show was held in a beautiful and well-kept Zko Horní Počernice area. There were beautiful eurasiers to see, congratulations to all winners and to the participants. At the same time, we welcome Dolly, Cory and Dimona and as well as the beautiful Bali-Hali Don Jamas at stud dogs and breeding females. At the same time, we congratulate to the best veteran of the Regional Show, which became the 16-years-old and still beautiful Casanova von Massow-Krummau.

Results you can find in section activities.

24.5.2019 :: Already this weekend is a Club Show ::

Already this weekend a club show will take place by the Regional Show in Horní Počernice. We would like to thank the organizers for the possibility of organizing the Club Show and the main sponsor of the Club Show Candy, which is a producer of CANDIES and Family Snack and importer of Canadian feed K-9, Nutram and Feline. Eurasier judging according to schedule will start at about 12h. The schedule can be found at ZKO Horní Počernice.

27.4.2019 :: Kennel Aldaro Moravia will have puppies ::

Kennel Aldaro Moravia from the Czech Republic will have puppies. The parents are Elegance Spindinčios Akys and Ajax Sakso Bohemia.

25.3.2019 :: Club show 2019 with Club Winner, CAC and opportunity to be accepted onto the breeding programme ::

In May, the Regional Dog Show in Horní Počernice will also host the Club Show of Eurasier Club CZ with the award of Club Winner and CAC. At the same time will be possible to be accepted onto the breeding programme. The winners will be able to take part in the final competitions.

More information in section Shows.

7.2.2019 :: New puppies in the kennel Voiver Žítková ::

On 7th February in the Czech Republic at the kennel Voiver Žítková were born 2 beautiful and healthly puppies - 1 female and 1 male from the connection of Carmen Hajifa and Albionspitz Talespin.

25.11.2018 :: Cancellation of the obligation to issue nomination cards ::

Minutes of the meeting of the ČMKU Show Commission dated 6.9.2018 point 4 of 5.4.2018 - P ČMKU at the previous meeting canceled the obligation to issue nomination cards. In view of the frequent inquiries of clubs, P ČMKU says: the obligation to issue cards has been canceled. If the club still wants to issue cards, it is in its competence. From 1st January 2019 the basis for the issue of championship titles is a valid judge´s report.

10.9.2018 :: Club show of Eurasier Club CZ ::

On the first day of September we had the Club show of Eurasier Club CZ at the National Dog Show FloraCanis Olomouc. A total of 15 Eurasiers were gathered, of which 11 were exhibited.

We would like to thank to the whole team of organizers of the National Dog Show FloraCanis Olomouc, as well as Mrs. Marie Kůrová, who judged our club show with great care and with discretion.

Results you can find in section activities.

4.10.2016 :: Puppies ::
Am 23.September 2016 war der zweite Wurf der Eurasieren in der Slovakei. Es sind 3 Hundinen und 2 Hunde geboren. Eurasier club.
25.08.2016 :: Puppies ::
This year we plane two litters of puppies. Kennel DON - JAMAS and HAJIFA (info to section LINKS or Puppies.) Eurasier club.
14.05.2016 :: Club dogshow in Prague ::

Liebe Frau Pecena,
vielen Dank, ich habe heute den Katalog mit den Formwerten von Ihnen erhalten. Es war wirklich sehr schön und ich sage noch eimal herzlichen Dank für die gute Betreuung!!

Nun habe ich ein Problem: Ich wollte dem Eurasierclub meine Spesen schenken. Doch am Sonntag nach dem Richten der Chihuahuas ging ich zum Abrechnen und erhielt die gesamten Spesen. Ich wollte es dem netten Herrn erklären, dass ich nur die Hälfte der Fahrtkosten möchte und die andere Hälfte dem Eurasierclub spende, doch der verstand mich nicht und glaubte ich möchte sie doppelt!!!!!.

Vielleicht können Sie mir die Bankverbindung des Eurasierclubs zukommen lassen, damit ich Ihnen meine Fahrtkosten (die ihnen der Cz-Kennelclub verrechnet) spenden kann.

Ich bin wirklich angenehm überrascht mit welchem Engagement und Herzblut die Züchter in Tschechien bemüht sind eine seriöse Eurasierzucht aufzubauen und werde sie weitgehend unterstützen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Monika Petermayer

13.10.2015 :: Puppies 2015 ::

Dear members, in 13.10.2015 was announced, that kennel SAKSO Bohemia www.sakso-bohemia.wz.cz we will have puppies at 18.12.2015 Club Eurasier

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